It is quite an ambitious plan we are setting ourselves to do. It will involve many months and years to achieve the goal we have set for you and for us.

We hope you will join us on this adventure from the start and follow us on a daily/weekly basis what has been written and explained in Youtube tutorials.

We do understand you want to start cracking with the new release of ArchMerge. So here is what you can do now.

First we start with Phase 1.

First priority is XFCE. With XFCE we want to make the transition for Window users to Linux easier. There are articles on about XFCE but the number of articles is much lower than Openbox or i3. I will create those first.

Second priority is Openbox. In the meantime you can watch the many tutorials I have created for ArchLabs(=openbox). Remember ArchMerge is a fork from ArchLabs. Many things will be the same.

166 youtube tutorials you can use right now and the articles are on

 Third priority is i3. In the meantime you can watch ANY tutorial about i3 because your configuration of i3 and the use of i3 does not depend on the distro you are using it. You can follow any of the many tutorials on Arch, Antergos, Linux Mint, Solus, … i3 works the same everywhere. That is for me one of its selling points. I move my i3 configuration from distro to distro.

50 articles are at your disposal now at and 70 youtube tutorials.


In between the youtube sessions I will continue to develop a new iso called ArchMergeD to be used in Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Let us start with this planning.

What tutorial do you need right now?
The comment on this page is activated.
We make the priorities, you make the list.

Let us know.