Personal Perfection of ArchMerge

Place to be

Nemesis is just a name for a bunch of scripts. It is NOT a new distro.

After any ArchMerge installation or ArchMergeD installation for that matter I will run these scripts.

What will these scripts do?

  • install all the fonts needed for the conky’s
  • install more software from Arch repo
    • dconf-editor
    • gnome-screenshot
    • screenfetch
  • install more software from AUR repo
    • brackets
    • conky-aureola
    • dropbox
    • gradio
    • insync
    • radiotray
    • sardi-extra-icons
    • skypeforlinux
    • spotify
    • ttf-mac-fonts (Lucida)
    • virtualbox
  • run hardcode-fixer afterwards
  • Fix for the intel-microcode error

Then I will install my personal settings to my system. I find it very tedious to again and again do the same job after every new installation of ArchMerge and I do a lot of reinstalls.

I will go inside the folder ‘personal’ and install also those settings.

  • creation of missing folders
  • personal bookmarks added
  • gnome-screenshot to jpg
  • gimp settings
  • fixing firefox – unreadable fields when selecting dark theme
  • fixing icons for sublime text and simplescreenrecorder

Change the scripts to your liking
and make them your scripts

These scripts will keep
changing over time