We have two kind of conky’s. The regular conky and the conky created with LUA. Lua is a programming language. You can learn more about the language here.

Conky’s, that are using lua, will have those three letters in their naming. When on ArchMergeD you will have to give support for that language to be interpreted. You better install “conky-lua-archers“.

Go find your conky’s in

We open it up with ATOM to see the colors. Packages minimap and pigments are installed.

With ifconfig  you can find your name of your network interface. Change it in settings.lua.

We will change the font size of the day.

We will change the color of the font.

We will show where to change the colors of the dials.

We will change the look of the clock – no second hand.

We can change the look of the box as well.

All you need to do is test.


Change one parameter and test what changed.