ArchMerge 6.2 was actually already rolling. We only forgot one file conkzen.desktop that needed to be deleted to become 100% rolling!

Migrating from 6.2 to 6.3 is easy.

It’s fun and not time-consuming.

We follow the article about the launch of ArchMerge 6.3.

We give you knowledge about the following topics

  • Deleting the conkyzen.desktop file makes it possible to become 100% rolling
  • Adding the testing repo to /etc/pacman.conf – only if you want to test out beta versions
  • Install and remove the packages you want with pacman/yaourt or packer.
  • Check out the information of the articles about lock and oblogout icons if you want those
  • Compare folders and files in /etc/skel with your own folders with the application Meld

We have added a testing repository to your pacman.conf in 6.3.

This is the procedure if you do not have it yet.

Edit this file with

and add these lines just ABOVE the archmerge repo lines.